Olivia Saint Laurent

Olivia Saint Laurent

Email: olistlaurent@protonmail.com
Website: www.oliviasaintlaurent.com

Let me introduce myself. Je m’appelle Olivia Saint Laurent,

Equiped with a positive mind and a
can-do’ attitude has led me to live & travel in many different part of the world. Discovering new cultures, learning about the history of a place and meeting new people is something that I absolutely cherish, especially if it is on the arm of an endearing gentleman. I love hearing about your passions and travels. Let’s share our adventures.

I am quite easy going, down to earth and have a warm personality.

I’ve been told quite often that I’ve got a contagious laugh. I am also a good listener and take discretion very seriously.

To know more about my donations please visit the ‘Indulgences’ page on my website.

Just like a good book where every pages are mesmerizing and every chapters are captivating, you will be taken on an unforgettable adventure where you won’t want to wait to read the next chapter, when spending time with me. Let’s write our own escapade.


Olivia Saint Laurent