Maria Divina

Maria Divina

Phone: (514)600-7333

Life is so great when we are giving us a time to savour it properly.


Electing a lady to accompany you might be based on chemistry to assure the most rewarding experience.

Let me introduce myself briefly:

I am Maria Divina, a mature & very beautiful woman in her forties, joyful & smiling at life.

My caring approach to others will certainly enchant you. I attract not only with my out of ordinary beauty, but also with my positive energy and my incroyable adaptivity that are certainly my best assets.

Did this picked your curiosity? We are maybe then meant to meet!


À bientôt!


Maria Divina xox



*I do have a website online. Demand of Informations & a First Reservation have to be made via EMAIL. A same day reservation has to be made before 10AM but it’s preferable 24h and more in advance.  Thank you for your understanding.


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