Lina Bella

Lina Bella

Phone: (438)495-6961

Welcoming, charming, sensual, and bewitching, I know how to make desire rise up in you

for a warm and passionate moment of release, with the ultimate goal of taking you on a journey.


I welcome you to my private loft, in a quiet setting:

Lounge music


A lovely, intimate atmosphere

and much more…


For an in intoxicating escape,

Don’t hesitate to call me – I’m eager to meet you!

See you soon.

Lina xox



1H    -    450

1H30  -  600

2H    -    800

Each additional hour  -  250

8H    -    2300

Each additional hour  -  200

12H   -   3100



1H30   1000

2H    -    1200

3H    -    1500



Lina xox


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