Lilith Spirit

Lilith Spirit


Gifted in many ways, well educated, adventurous and seaking for news discoveries.

You will find in me a mature and perceptive companion. I will gladly come along with you anywhere you like. Secret beaches, museums, shows, gala reception, gym, hike, run, extreme sports…. I love to explore. Surprise me !

Sensual and self confident, you will enjoy the intimate secret moments we will share together.

My journey in this universe comes from an endless desire to explore life in all directions that makes me wondering about the different boundaries of our cultural sensual taboos. My adventurous mind brings me into this exploration… jumping the wall… see and feel what is behind. Just let go… and feel, smell, taste. The look in the eyes, the touch of the skin, the desire… and so much more. Relax, take a deep breath, disconnect from the day to day stress, let go of the boundaries.

2hrs: 800$

Dinner Date: 1500$

Overnight: 2000$
1500$ / traveling day


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