Email: leaeva_mtl@hotmail.com
Website: www.leafrenchcourtesan.com

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to visit my ad. I am glad I caught your interest and the attention is well appreciated. My name is Lea, I’m a tall and slender lingerie model with a French heritage and a demure personality. My deep brown coloured doe-eyes will immediately charm you. All of my attributes are natural and unaltered by surgeries. I keep a toned body by maintaining a healthy diet, in addition to daily yoga and pilates exercises.

Although my native language is French, I am perfectly fluent in English and my accent is exotically sexy. True epicurean, my passions are travel, wine tasting and gourmet cuisine, amongst others. Well versed in arts, I find inspiration and thrive on different forms of expressions.

Nothing looks better on me than a delicate piece of French lingerie. I simply love the jaw-dropping reaction that I get when my cocktail dress is slowing being unzipped, revealing the luxurious lace underneath.

Are you a courteous gentleman, an adventurous woman or a loving couple; and are 40 years old or older? I am available for encounters, social events, overnights or weekend escapades. You certainly won’t be disappointed by our time together! Please note that there is a two hour minimum for all rendez-vous.

Twitter: leaeva_mtl

DONATIONS for Montréal
Up to 2 hours : 850
3 hours Rendez-vous : 1,100
4 hours Dinner date: 1,250 (2h at the restaurant and 2h private time)
6 hours Dinner date: 1,600 (3h-4h social time and 2h -3h fun time)
Evening to breakfast: 3,000 (12h)

DONATIONS for a lovely couple
up to 2 hours for couple: 1,100
3 hours for couple: 1,300
4 hours Dinner date for couple: 1,500

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